Doina & Alin
Cu doamna la bere!

A fresh, cold bear please! Any other questions?

Cristina & Vlad

Memorable moments and an evenly matched party. What more do you want from the most important event in your life. Cheers to a great couple ;)

Chameleon Movie

Patience. Yes of course. Patience, the word itself easily spoken… you have to apply yourself when saying it and then use this patience in such a project. Nothing compares to it and maybe nothing will. Making a feature film requires aside from the obvious technical skills a lot of extra will and endurance. But then looking at these traits I see they all center around patience. So yeah patience.

On the project side I have to say I am so glad to have met people from all over the world and with it I came in contact with so many different cultures and habits. It was a pleasure and an honor and I seriously hope to be able to do it all again. Both technically and humanly, this was a lesson!

Danser Penser – Music Video

“Get your gear, we gotta go!” And two days later there was the music video for DJ BCross’ “Danser Penser”. Let yourself drawn into the rhythm and enjoy.


This was maybe the cutest project I had the opportunity to work on, even though anyone who ever worked with little kids knows how unpredictable such a shoot can be. And it was, but in the end it all turned out great and the babies played their part absolutely adorably.

ShowBiz Café

Stars of tomorrow in Luxembourg.

ESCAPE in Valencia

We left Luxembourg with its 12°C in the afternoon and landed in Valencia at 11PM. It greeted us warmly and gave us its best weather autumn could put on the table. Our friends there showed us around and made sure we had a great and memorable time, even if it was only for two days.

"Cumbia no frills"
Kevin Macleod (

Image Video - Hochschule Trier

My first big contract and boy was it a good teach. I do have to thank for the trust put into me.

A great school, easily complimented, sitting on top of a town filled with history. Don’t hesitate to take that right turn off the highway in order to visit this destination. Hochschule. Trier.

LuxStallions Presentation

Sometimes you just get the chance to work on something more uncommon. This time it was a riding school next to Lintgen in Luxembourg. Up to that point I wasn’t able to appreciate the beauty of these marvellous creatures. So majestic and even though tamed full of passion and personality. Each and everyone of them filled with character traits we find in ourselves and each on in need of affection and attention.

My Blue Sky

Cloud time lapse. In my region it doesn't rain but it pours. This time it had the patience to wait until it rained and it waited beautifully. Hope I got some of that drama on cam.

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