Now this is what I call a good start. Wish you all the best little one ;)


    You seriously have to hear her sing. Things become so much more clearer when you do. There’s no other place you need to be and for the times we live in, when apparently time is so scarce this feeling is irreplaceable. Madalina is a trained soprano, who is a master of her craft and will impress. Working with her in was a pleasure, while the park itself, near Mondorf-Les-Bains is a perfect location for portrait work.


      Kids playing in the back yard... or woods. Yes the woods are the back yard for these young stallions.


        Some of my tastiest experiences captured for your visual pleasure. I do believe colors bring up delicious memories. So, please embark on this delightful journey. Most of the pictures here are taken of biscuits, cookies and cakes baked by Nico and showcased on her blog .

        Black Muffins - Nico Prajitureste

          Dukan Pie - Anamaria Giurgiu

            Oreo Cake - Nico Prajitureste

              Love Nest - Nico Prajitureste

                Muffins - Nico Prajitureste

                  Mac - Nico Prajitureste

                    Chec - Nico Prajitureste

                      Cheese cake - Nico Prajitureste